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April General Membership Meeting - April 16, 2014 12 noon - 1 p.m.

Apr 15, 2014 (22:30:00)

 We will call for final nominations for delegates to the International AFSCME Convention, held July 14 - 18 in Chicago, IL.  After nominations close, at 12:15 we will hear 2 minute candidate statements from each of the nominees.  Once candidate statements are completed, we will begin the secret ballot election.  The office steward or a member in each office location has ballots, a membership list, and a ballot deposit envelope.  You must first sign you name next to your name on the membership list, and you'll be given a ballot.  Current delegate nominees are:

Eric Feeley - Lab

Tom Hack - Pendleton

Bruce Scherzinger - Salem

Aneliya Simeonova - VIP

As voting is taking place, we will also begin listening to the presentation by Stacy Chamberlain, AFSCME representative on the Public Employee Benefit Board.  Attached below are membership meeting minutes from March for your review.

Download: 2014Mar19DRAFTGeneralMembershipMinutes.pdf
Items for March 19 membership meeting

Apr 15, 2014 (22:11:00)

 Please also see PEBB and Health Insurance Page - Information for March Membership Meeting.  You will need to register or enter your ID and password to see this information.

Download: 2014Feb19GeneralMembershipMinutes.pdf, Addendum1_Feb.19_MemMtgMins.pdf, Addendum2_Feb.19_MemMtgMins.pdf, Addendum3_Feb.19_MemMtgMins.pdf, Addendum4_Feb.19_MemMtgMins.pdf
Information for February 19 Membership Meeting

Feb 19, 2014 (08:10:00)

Resolution in support of Portland and Medford Teachers - see below

Clean Diesel Resolution 

A wealthy individual has issued a challenge grant to OHSU to give $500 million for construction of a Cancer Institute provided OHSU can raise $500 million by December 2015. The construction will receive some state funding. The state could establish as a condition of award that any building be completed using low cancer risk clean diesel equipment. If our Local were to take a position in support of this proposal, our AFSCME legislative staff could work on promoting the idea with legislators during the short February session.

Background information

The International Association for Research on Cancer and the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission have identified diesel particulate as a known human carcinogen. A number of other serious health effects have been identified affecting respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Based on the most recent emission inventory analysis, over 90 percent of Oregonians live where diesel particulate concentrations exceed the Oregon benchmark. Between 170 to 200 deaths in Oregon every year maybe attributable to lifetime exposure to diesel exhaust.

Also, black carbon has been identified as the second largest human influence on climate change. A substantial portion of diesel particulate is in the form of black carbon. Diesel engines are the largest source of black carbon in North America. Researchers have identified impacts to snow and glacial melt in the Cascades as a result of black carbon deposition, adversely affecting stream flow cycles including negative impacts on stream temperatures.

Organizations such as the Clean Air Task Force advocate for clean diesel construction practices at healthcare facilities. The attached flier below describes that initiative.


Download: Clean Diesel at Hospitials.pdf, Resolution_CleanDiesel_OHSUCenter.pdf, PDX_Medford_Teachers_Resolution.pdf
Portland Water District Ballot Measure - Information for Membership Meeting

Jan 13, 2014 (14:29:00)

On Wednesday, January 15, we will be discussing an initiative quite likely to be on the May 2014 ballot concerning the formation of a Portland Water District that would oversee the operations of the Portland Water Bureau and Bureau of Environmental Services.  While this issue will appear only on the Portland ballot, effects of passing this ballot measure would be relevant to our entire statewide local because of the implications pertaining to public resources, public services, public health and environmental regulation.

Please read the information provided below, and any other resources you can find pertaining to this ballot measure, so you can come to the membership meeting informed to discuss, ask questions, and make a decision on this issue.

Resolution for Membership Meeting (below)

Initiative text (below)

League of Women Votes Editorial:  www.oregonlive.com/opinion/index.ssf/2013/12/portland_water_district_petiti.html

Portland Audubon Statement:  audubonportland.org/issues/metro/water-district

Resolution passed at AFL-CIO Convention, Sept. 2013:  www.oraflcio.org/index.cfm

Download: Resolution_PortlandPWD.pdf, PWD_Proposed Initiative Text.pdf
October and November 2013 General Membership Meeting Minutes

Dec 17, 2013 (22:16:00)

Here are October and November minutes for your review.

Download: 2013Oct21DRAFTGeneralMembershipMinutes.pdf, 2013Nov21DRAFTGeneralMembershipMinutesRevised.pdf

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